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ID 91786

Bevan Clark


Co-founder of, and Investor in a bunch of others.

ID 284162

PK Rasam


Started my professional journey at Bell Labs and progressed into consulting for the top 100 clients around the globe. Traveled and lived in multiple countries the past two decades.

ID 157899

Gregory Green

Studied at @melbourne-business-school School, @university-of-evansville, 4 startups under the belt, founder of a new one on the go. Entrepreneur and getter of done.

ID 4641

Jeremy Howard


Now: Singularity University; Previous: President / Chief Scientist @kaggle; Founder @FastMail (sold to Opera) and @ODG (sold to Choicepoint). Worked @McKinsey.

ID 43450

Stuart B Richardson


Founder @adventure-capital, @aurelius-digital, @yorkbutter, @equiem. Founding Investor @Axiflux, @121cast BEng(Aero), MBA & @stanford-university GSB - AU/US/Asia

ID 157046

Paul Bassat

Co founder and former joint CEO at @seek. Active investor in early stage technology companies.

ID 1285

Adrian Vanzyl


Investor in @chorus, @hootsuite, @isocket, @nolio, @revionics. Advisor to BugHerd, @irl-gaming.

ID 163632

Tim Fung

Founder and CEO @airtasker-1 • Worked at @amaysim, @macquarie-bank • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales (B. Comm, marketing)

ID 120932

Chris Nolet

Founder @app-io • Worked at @skm-consulting, @papercloud • Studied at @university-of-melbourne, @rmit-university

ID 31878

Andrew Birt


Co-founded @lifx and @angelcube. Mentor @500Startups.

ID 12535

Andrew Conru


@stanford-university PhD, Early Internet pioneer, 20+ Internet startups including founder/CEO Friend Finder (grew to $300M/year)

ID 358134

Andy Graham


Founder @nest-group-limited • Worked at @boeing • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1, @university-of-adelaide

ID 140935

Pieter Peach


Investor @adioso, @goodfilms @openplacement • Anesthesiologist.

ID 68352

Chris Dahl

BDM at Pin Payments, Co-founder of Nitro. Software/Product Professional with technical background.

ID 3973

Ben Welch-bolen


CEO/Founder of World Wide Web Hosting. Life long entrepreneur and learning to love management. 100+ remote team running 24/7 around the world.

ID 69754

Guy King


Builder of BugMeNot and RetailMeNot. Currently working on @lifx. Self-promotion expert.

ID 30216

Nicholas Gruen


Founder: Lateral Economics and Peach Financial Chair: Government 2.0 Taskforce and

ID 88732

Anthony Glenning


Investment Director at @starfish-ventures

ID 115658

Chris Hitchen



ID 6923

Darcy Naunton


Founder of @york-butter-factory, @adventure-capital. Investor in @equiem, @brandscreen, @dealised, @domore-com-au, @mogeneration, @majitek.

ID 47266

Matt Mickiewicz

Co-Founder @Hired @99designs, @sitepoint, @flippa. Forbes 30 under 30 & Inc 30 under 30.

ID 28889

Tom Howard

Co-founder, @adioso. Product-designer, recruiter, hacker, writer, traveller.

ID 144584

Ryan Zhou


Co-founder of CoinJar. Founder of NameTerrific. Casual investor.

ID 135996

Malcolm Campbell


Angel investor and advisor

ID 196542

Brian Tubergen


Venture Hacker @angellist. @princeton-university CS. Interned @facebook, @microsoft, Google Summer of Code.

ID 56829

Nathan Sampimon

Founder of Inspire9, Co-Founder of AngelCube

ID 67211

M Asif Rahman


Founder CEO at A. R. Communications. Web Industry and Optimization Expert. Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor.

ID 113623

Andrew Barlow


Entrepreneur, CEO of Webfirm, Founder of @adslot and @hitwise

ID 95336

Kate Kendall

Founder & CEO of @the-fetch. Writer. Led growth, digital media and community teams. BSc (Biotechnology), MB (Marketing).

ID 59498

Glen Maddern

Founder of @goodfilms. Data-crunching, high-scaling background. Film-lover.

ID 100695

John Barton

Co-founded @goodfilms, former Dev Manager responsible for all @envato marketplaces.

ID 367270

Alexander Peh

British, Australian & Malaysian Citizenship. All things Mobile, Emerging Tech & eCommerce. Android Advocate.

ID 165906

Sri Niranjan Shekar

Statistical Geneticist. Due diligence on medical technologies. Worked at @counsyl in Sales and Australia wide distribution and marketing strategies.

ID 96816

Konstantin Gredeskoul

CTO, Technical Architect, Startup Junkie, Rubyist. Lead technology at,,

ID 27387

Diesel Laws

Founder & Designer @app-io. Passionate about great UI & UX.

ID 102082

Ben Hamey

Great Ape @ @bonobo. Designer of multiple #1 apps. I'm all about smashing business, design and technology into a delicious concoction.

ID 46692

Ross Hill

Exploring the world.

ID 410020

Mike Rhodes


Founded WebSavvy - Visual SEM Management

ID 68177

David Ng

Co-Founder of @openlabel • iOS/Android Dev at @tomtom-international • ASIC Design Engineer at @canon.

ID 85568

Fenn Bailey

Co-founder & architect of @adioso. Hacker. Traveler.

ID 57029

Ivan Vanderbyl

CTO @app-io. Founded @crashlog & @testpilot • Worked at @orionvm

ID 145011

Edward Dowling

Founder & CEO @app-io. Always creating awesome products and teams that are never boring and always exciting.

ID 403301

Christopher Scott Price

Founder, Technologist, Engineer & Science Geek with a strong business and strategy background. @cityblis-2 @royal-melbourne-institute-of-technology-1

ID 130634

Philip Alexander

Executive Director at Venture Advisory

ID 11657

Michael Shimmins

Founder and CEO of @lexim.

ID 112460

Edward Hooper

@121cast co-founder. Worked at @groupon, @anz-banking-group and @microsoft. Studied at the University of Melbourne and @stanford-university-1.

ID 274689

Ji Lee


Founder @gafrong. 10 years @morgan Stanley. Music Executive.

ID 58100

Scott Handsaker

Co-founder and CEO of @eventarc and @attendly

ID 56573

Dinesh George

Associate @adventure-capital. Lead organiser of Startup Weekend Australia.

ID 74840

Ash Conway

Founder Make'n Movies, Smokin Apps (sold). Working on 5th venture. 1st company at 19. Internet entrepreneur Dell, BusinessObjects, SAP, Cisco, IronPort. Designer by trade.

ID 5938

Grant Bissett

15 years' product design experience in Australia and UK. Co-Founder of @pin-payments.

ID 64687

Matt Allen


Tech recruiter at Lookahead Search. Ex CTO of Founder Institue graduate. PushStart Mentor. SydStart winner. Building the web since 1996.

ID 113348

Antony McGregor Dey

CMO @liveexercise | Founder @link-me-2 | Online Marketing | Aussie Entrepreneur | I'm from the internet

ID 176844

Sam Stewart

Community manager @york-butter-factory • ex-cofounder nightfly Services • [email protected] • Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 358950

Simon Jones

Founder of @promisepay. 5th Startup. Helped build a technology platform for mortgage transactions that exceeded $30 billion p/a. Two years ago achieved an MBA.

ID 129412

Nicola Jayne Gracie

Founder of FitIntegrate

ID 119704

David Truong

Head of Business Development @app-io, Founder @broccol-e-games. Comp Sci and Law degrees from @flinders-university-of-south-australia

ID 55316

Leslie Barry

Founding Partner of @getviable Founded & successful exit of @exertrack, acquired by 1st round @techstars company, Gyminee, now DailyBurn.

ID 356336

Simon Lee


CEO & Co-founder @PromisePay, Co-founded @Lazu, built revenues of $1m per month in cloud, mobility & banking. Worked in UK, Paris, New York, Australia & NZ.

ID 198569

Joseph Valente

Associate at @adventure-capital, based out of @yorkbutter. IP and Digital Content Strategist. Studied at @monash-university-1.

ID 111757

Andrew Armstrong

Founder @121cast | Experienced Software and Web Developer (mobile, front/back-end, servers), different, passionate, driven | Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 21580

Michael Giles

Follow me on Twitter

ID 11092

Darren J Pollard

Mobile. Social. Gaming. Monetization. Been around long enough to know how to use a DOS shell. 5 startups. One $25M exit. Well traveled Australian. Connected.

ID 175010

Laura McKenzie

Founder @scale-investors • Worked at @starfish-ventures • Studied at @university-of-cambridge

ID 140308

Lee Torrens

Blogger and Industry Analyst at Microstock Diaries

ID 34063

Cris Pearson

CEO & Product/graphic/UI/UX designer @ Prior to Skitch: Co-founded & ran plasq. Designed UI for Award winning software, Comic Life.

ID 218571

Blake Hutchison

Founder of Good44 (pre. AgendaSelects). Previous start-up experience as Head of BD at VC backed NileGuide. Led a team of 6 as the Director BD at Lonely Planet.

ID 67833

Anita Eglitis

Co-Founder at Techseeder Pty Ltd

ID 3065

Sean Kelly

Founder CEO of @corus. Collaboration startup. Technologist.

ID 127068

Daniel Treacy

Co-founder of Good Call • Engineering at @wpp-group, @buzznumbers, and MLC (NAB) • Studied CompSci at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 267406

Ben Sze

Founder @tutor-on-demand • Past high school tutor • Worked @goldman-sachs @kpmg • Volunteer at Baan Dada • Studied @university-of-melbourne & CFA Institute

ID 96211

James Giancotti


Former Mgmt Consultant @deloitte-consulting @capgemini-consulting , then Investment Banker. @goldman-sachs @jp-morgan Invested @makible Co-Founder @bigcolors

ID 82631

Hillan Klein

CEO & Co-founder at Budge

ID 202711

Jie Zhou

Front-end engineer @kinnek • Former tech attorney @fenwick-and-west with a penchant for coding • Studied at @yale-university, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 234224

Ashley Davies

Founder/CEO of Tablo, writer, designer, front end developer.

ID 274504

Rory McNeice

Business Development and Customer Support @121cast · Previously community manager at @yorkbutter

ID 267872

Jeremy Cox

Founder and Director at Tutor On Demand. Founder at Amazing Kids Parties. Director at @goldman-sachs-jbwere. Scholarship student @deakin-university.

ID 66686

Kurt Falkenstein


Founder @general-standards, @sunship-ventures, @even-keel-lawyers • Executive Director @simplecue • Studied Law @bond-university • Passionate about Australian Startups.

ID 255710

Dr. Kiran Kaur

Medical Director @first Opinion (MBBS, MD, PGDCR ).10 years experience with special interest in women and child health.

ID 65687

Chris Rickard

Co-founder, thinker, & hacker at Setkick. Previously tech lead at @portable, speaker & judge at Hong Kong mobile film festival 2011.

ID 55144

Joe Nguyen

Coffee aficionado from Melbourne. 10+ years software development. Two apps in the app store. Swinburne University.

ID 48385

Rolf Von Behrens

Australian product innovation & web strategy professional w/ extensive global experience working within early-stage projects in: internet, mobile & social-web.

ID 92682

Brian Gaffney

Co-founder of @setkick. @rmit-university grad, entrepreneur and mad hacker.

ID 118032

Andrew Apostola


Co-founder of @portable and CTO of new luxury lifestyle service @svbscription.

ID 75927

Riley James

Rails & BizNiz. Currently API guy @xero

ID 281953

Okeito Short

UI/UX @121cast · Previously UI Designer @papercloud and Art Director/ Graphic Designer @st Kilda News

ID 110132

Kunal Kalro

Founder @outtrippin. Speaks 4 languages. Lived on 4 continents. 2 time travel-tech entrepreneur. Former mgmt consultant. Travel nerd with a business background.

ID 239384

Peter Murray

CTO and co-founder of; former Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks

ID 425708

Andrew McIntosh

UI Developer @promisepay. Builds exciting products with strong outcomes. Start-up skill-set covering design, development & business. Bachelor of IT.

ID 235029

Wenpo Sun

Professional software engineer, artist and musician. Strong experience in game design, development and enterprise software. B.IT(Games & Graphics Programming)

ID 43173

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin


Founder of Venture Tech firm @bluechilli investing in online startups, E&Y EOY Finalist, Patent holder, top UNSW researcher, Kidpreneur mentor, kiteboarder

ID 102184



Excitin are a group of investors who have come together with a united passion in supporting startups.

ID 454855

Dan Harper

Digital product leader and strategist. Currently helping @promisepay build their first product.

ID 36726

Paul Armstrong

Investor in @qubop.

ID 51537

Jordan Green


Founder @melbourne-angels-inc, @australian-association-of-angel-investors-ltd, successful VC, Angel and serial entrepreneur MBS (MBA) BEng (Electronics) RMIT

ID 269708

Sally Gatenby

Technology marketing professional, tech groupie, consumer of all things online.

ID 453411

Rupert Greenhough

Worked at @kpmg • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 94332

Kath S

Developer at @lexim.

ID 49674

Vincent Brendel

Developer at @bugherd

ID 164804

Indi Tansey

✈ Travel expert & Founder @outtrippin ♛ Marketing Queen @publicis-groupe, @bbdo @ogilvy ✎ Studied design at @massey-university ►Cycled the world @indiana-june

ID 334076

Gavin Appel


Partner at Square Peg Capital

ID 125929

Ned Dwyer

CEO of

ID 464584

Balendran(Bala) Thavarajah

Extremely happy to join a very talented and dynamic team at @bluedot-innovation

ID 906

Andrew Birt

Co-founder of AngelCube Melbourne's first genuine venture accelerator.

ID 98793

Hany Pham

Co-founder @onetouch. Former finance guy turned tech entrepreneur

ID 87808

Gian Maria Girardi

CEO and Co-Founder at @thounds Project Manager for Media / 2.0 / Communication sectors. Teaching Maths and part-time intl DJ.

ID 239840

Chris Joannou

Founder @perceptar, @StartupMelb • Melbourne Director @startup-grind Studied at @swinburne-university "Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers"- Shoestring Startups

ID 158834

Ivan Lim

Head of Marketing @tweaky-com • Founder of Vinspi • @angelcube-2 class of 2012 • Worked at OZHut, 69th Fastest Growing Australian Startup 2011

ID 116854

Josh Lipscombe

Events Marketing Coordinator Queen Vic Market

ID 125310

Matt Devlin

Founder noWorriesHire; Started first Civil Construction Company 3 years ago. B.E. Civil Engineer. Strong industry background, 15 years plus.

ID 36138

James Spittal

Digital Marketing. PHP Programmer. Sales/Biz Dev guy. Online Marketing and #leanstartup background. Studied at @rmit-university, @swinburne-university.

ID 112993

Shaun Johnson

ID 44668

Neil Walter

Founder Of @random-ramble, Online Games Consulting Company. Looking to expand consulting business to over 100 clients in 2012!

ID 437277

Justin Re


Founder @ourcast

ID 119433

James Crawford

Co-Founder @beanhunter

ID 130057

Anna Lee Anda

User Experience Research at leading Australian bank. Passionate about start ups and good experiences. Degrees in law, commerce and Masters in HCI

ID 495137

Keith Pitt

Founder, Buildbox • Worked at @pin-payments, @the-frontier-group @desks-near-me-1

ID 45804

Alex John

Changing the way people buy media. Experience: Sara Lee, Roche, L'Oreal, Simplot, KPMG Web MAD since '93

ID 35480

Fred Wu

Development team lead at @locomote - Ruby, Rails, PHP, strong focus on UI and UX. A developer & designer hybrid.

ID 76250

Tri Truong

CEO, Tru-e Technology and Media Services INC.

ID 65266

João Valente

Founder & CTO @outtrippin. Previously Tech-Lead at and Project Manager / Information Architect at Bridging the gap between computers and people.

ID 208412

Stephanie Andrews

Founder @fabbit • Worked at @pixar, @university-of-washington-1 • Studied at @university-of-washington, @school-of-the-art-institute-of-chicago

ID 301687

Aaron Cottrell

Product manager and project delivery for tech startups. Startup generalist with CompSci background. World wanderer. Previously Product Manager @peerindex.

ID 30593

Pete Meehan

Founder/CEO of CafePeople. Product guy, Aussie entrepreneur in the Valley behind a platform for coffee lovers to share interests, Social TV, meet amazing people

ID 129731

James Tuckerman

James Tuckerman is one of Australia's most successful digital publishers. He's an entrepreneur, angel investor, consultant, coach and public speaker.

ID 101986

Adam Neumann

Founder of @giftless, Co-founder of @indexmedia. Worked at @iris-data-services. 1st Class Honours in Comp Sci from UWA.

ID 128166

Bao-Minh Tran-Vo

Passionate about sports and technology. Founder of @c8apps-1.

ID 75658

Andrew Coates

Co-founder of @moneytribe, founder @superapps . Co-founded AgentArts (acquired by Fast Search). Strategy consultant at Accenture. Hack musician.

ID 149261

Aron Steg

Founder @zaq, @explainers-1, @sms-diagnostics, @bulksms, @sms-central, @sniip, @streetwyse • BEng (Software) from The @university-of-melbourne

ID 102044

Andrew Fiori-Dea


ID 306777

Kelsey Schwenk

Founder of Atlasa. Strong digital strategy background through agency work (Huge, Flint, Frog Design). Wharton UG'06. Has stepped foot on all 7 continents.

ID 2039

Simon Spencer

ID 489587

Nick Foster

Founder and COO of Cinergix and Creately. Love being independent and an entrepreneur. Always looking to grow and zoom. Master of IT.

ID 218708

Nick Jones

I edit text files to make computers do what I want

ID 73521

Dominic Dirupo

Principal at Alphastation Communications

ID 81156

Sebastian Beaumont

Consultant Advisor

ID 121393

Phoebe Yu

CEO & Founder of @ettitude. Serial entrepreneur. eCommerce, Digital marketing

ID 130728

Ben Flavel

Co-founder and CEO at CheckinLine, MBA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), also founded innovation consultancy NeoCogs.

ID 187052

Samson Adams


Analyst, Creator, Curator, etc.

ID 192682

Bart Macdonald

Founder Notesy • Worked at @lend-lease • Studied at @macquarie-university

ID 220135

Juliana Yoon


Founder of fLinked (exclusive social club soon to be online). Worked in business/corporate strategy @anz-banking-group @accenture and @pwc-1.

ID 96586

Mat Holroyd

Lead engineer at @the-fetch and web developer experienced in search, virtual currencies, gaming, languages, travel and disruptive technologies. BEng (Software).

ID 127546

David Wei

Founder/MD of @venuemob. Previously started @crowdmass, one of Australia's first group-buying sites and acquired by @groupon in 2011.

ID 296885

David Chung

Founder & CEO of etaskr - the task marketplace for enterprise. AngelCube (accelerator) 2013 startup. Enterprise background, KPMG. BCom/LLB.

ID 108367

Alon Tamir

Founder & Director at StudioProper - boutique product design studio

ID 95610

Marissa Di Pasquale

[email protected] 3rd major product build and 2nd startup. Strong operational & business background, lawyer & grad scientist. Launched e-procurement venture for a telco during web1.0 days. Ministerial appointment to 2 boards including one in education. Colu

ID 383585

Fletcher McCombie

Internationalize. Scale. Improve. Only inaction slows down the future, let's embrace opportunity.

ID 501640

Erik Swedberg

Worked at @infosys @Cangene • Studied at @melbourne-business-school, @london-business-school, @university of Florida

ID 357501

Andrew Ward


Andrew Ward B.Ec (Syd Uni), is the founder and Managing Director of SelfWealth Ltd. 20 years experience in the financial services industry globally

ID 95343

Denver Dale

Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-queensland

ID 77971

Ray Hilton

Founder @wirestorm, @hood, @emit • Worked at @sensis, @australia-post, @smesh, @heyday • Studied at @university-college-london, @open-university-london

ID 101999

Gregor Lichtfuss

Clinical immunologist, molecular microbiologist and international health expert in love with new tech. LifeSci research commercialization consultant for VC

ID 159395

S. R. McGough


Founder @united-production • Worked at @pitney-bowes, @frontrange • Studied at @milwaukee-school-of-engineering, @university-of-wisconsin-milwaukee

ID 57299

James Giang

Co-founder at @venuemob and Lead Organiser at the @android-australia-user-group

ID 139796

Caine Wanjau

Co-founder of FlashCast. Founder member of the *iHub_ Robotics Initiative, worked in Banking, studied at Strathmore University and Monash University

ID 136108

Matthew Charles


Director | Visionary | Architect | Human

ID 110857

Luke Murray

Strong technical background, having built and supported many large projects. Great product mind and business background working with small, growing companies.

ID 191029

Nicholas Birrell


Entrepreneur & Investor

ID 162454

Matthew Schotz

Founder @text-together. USC Entrepreneur Program. Champion Sportfisherman and Yacht Captain.

ID 209121

Adam Ellison

Founder @modbot , @lkbk-com • Worked at @general-motors • Studied at @swinburne-university, @rmit-university

ID 265691

Zezan Tam

Worked at @boston-consulting-group • Studied at @singularity-university, @university-of-melbourne

ID 440957

Harprem Doowa

Co-Founder & COO @whatsnew, Strong business background (Analyst and Broker @FNSYRUS), Monash University BBC, Sasin University MBA

ID 151282

Nigel Sheridan-Smith

Co-founder and CTO of JoinSomeone - PhD BE(Computer Systems) qualified, Ruby on Rails, Java, C++

ID 33975

Jason Palmer

Project Manager University of NSW Faculty of Engineering Web Project. Founder & CEO @life-s-project

ID 127875

Ryan St. James

Co-founded @visionary-igaming, a live online casino provider, in 2008.

ID 148787

Simon Walker

Founder Taylor Ventures

ID 382203

Guy Vincent

Founder of Publishizer and Startup Writer Workshop. University of Melbourne.

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder @ediply, MA Grad • @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university. Varied Business background. Globally orientated.

ID 446976

Stuart McGill

Marketer, incl via social media. 3 startups over 20 yrs. Specialised in profit sharing, sustainability, selling, industrial relations. PhD (Econ). Law degree.

ID 497128

David Eedle

17 years as an entrepreneur and contractor working with internet and technology businesses, with a focus on online content, membership and ecommerce systems.

ID 325388

Lucas Taulealeausumai

Founder of @choosly and an innovative innovator.

ID 416898

Scott Ko

Founder MealDish • Worked at @accenture, @cube-management-solutions • Studied at @university-of-melbourne, @monash-university

ID 226408

scott arbeitman

Founder Castify • Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-melbourne

ID 356693

Joel Macdonald


CEO of Liquorun. 3rd start up out of high school. Ex-AFL footballer. Extensive commercial experience in start ups, investment & sales. B.Bus at Monash University

ID 186479

Mark Angrish

Founder of @innerloop • Ex low latency algorithmic trading engineer (@deutsche-bank, @morgan-stanley, etc.) • Software Engineer (@university-of-melbourne-1)

ID 201390

Sergei Belokamen

IT security & technology nerd, baby entrepreneur, CTO & Founder @bugcrowd. 10+ years info sec, enterprise, software development and solutions architecture.

ID 397622


Co-founder Hello Code, freelance developer, built • Studied at @rmit-university

ID 122123

Cyril Gaillard

CEO and founder of Fyrebox, former co-founder of Broccol-e-games, founder of Melvia. Studied at INSA, RIT. Worked at ALTRAN, RIT, EADS, GE.

ID 389520

Darpan (Dean) Dadhaniya

Over 3 year of IT Service Delivery experience and 4 successful business critical projects

ID 291956

Rael Ross


Founded Emarr (sold to PE), founded ksk finance (PE AND lender) current CEO , founded Charatise (current CEO)

ID 419404

Vladimir Gagovic

Australian MBA with global investment experience looking to roll out promising start-ups in Australia.

ID 231856

Daniel Mumby

Corporate Sales & Marketing +15 yrs & 8 yrs smallbiz marketing/web/strategy consulting. 8 previous startups, now strategy consulting & Founder @terralingo

ID 74912

Marc Harrison

CEO and Founder of Listium. Successful fund manager who left to follow the dream of building a startup. A generalist, with a passion for constantly learning.

ID 102011

Antony Kuzmicich

Tech/product nomad

ID 120312

Peter Hare

Director at @beanhunter; 1st employee at; Developer.

ID 396944

Jesse Collis

Tech Lead at, iOS Developer @beanhunter and Sessional Lecturer at RMIT University

ID 144417

Jenny MacKinnon

Writer, Editor, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Founder, Report Machine: Twitter @ReportMachine Swin MEI, UniMelb IP Law, RMIT Journalism

ID 459201

Wen Xi

Associate at @MAPUniMelb.

ID 227624

Artur Daylidonis

Founder at Amectronix. BBA. Developed social network & launched iOS games to Top-3. Started first organisation at 13.

ID 161898

Lachlan Donald

Web technologist, CTO of @99designs, San Francisco.

ID 335580

Hassaan Memon

Literature major transitioning to Mathematics while working in Sales, Duke University

ID 199290

Phill Deresa

Tech Consultant • Works at @accenture • Studied at @monash-university #teamSaaS

ID 321770

Ben Chan

CTO and co-founder Bigcolors • Worked at @eds, @capgemini-consulting

ID 431041

Doron Katz

Lead iOS | Web Developer @TheMediaArchitects, @UOW bInternet Science & Technology 2004, @CSU Master of Management, 2013, Gadget lover

ID 70215

Stuart Mackenzie

Corporate Development Director at FMT Worldwide

ID 292688

Mark Freidin

Deakin Business School, Catch OF the Day (COO), Victoria Station Group (General Manager)

ID 432850

Adam Sohaib

BS @Mizzou, MBA @University of Melbourne,Melbourne Business School. Founded ANFchicago. Strong entrepreneurial background, started first business @ age 14.

ID 337998

Peter Malliaras


Have invested in two projects thus far. One in the Aluminium Industry and the other one in a technology company.

ID 199892

Jodie Auster

Passionate problem solver. Consultant at @bain-company, GM Operations @scoopon • Studied Medicine at @university-of-melbourne, MBA @melbourne-business-school School.

ID 446866

James McQueen

Founder Atlas Capital • Studied at @melbourne-business-school, @university-of-melbourne

ID 245957

Asaf Katz

Strong Business and Project Management background (TASC (Bain Co associates), Intel, IAF), Strong web tech knowledge

ID 231117

Kevin Tatur

Research Physicist / Applied Physicist Excellent mathematical modeling skills and physics knowledge, working on advanced research projects in research centers and institutions. Major projects include the design and modeling of novel nanoscale devices and

ID 220431

Cinnamon Pollard

Studied at @university-of-sydney, @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 11284

Justin Wilden

Co-Founder of

ID 353236

James Herd

RMIT. Creative, Designer, Developer and Hardware Hacker. SW and AngelHack winner. 3 startups launched to date.

ID 84175

Michael Pearson

[email protected], founder of BipIO, distributed system specialist with an e-commerce background. I love complex systems and building product.

ID 249161

Raj (Sanchivaran) Thavarajah

Law Student at Monash Uni Melbourne Australia. Founded web start up Built a community on campus with over 1000 students - FMAA Monash. Worked at deloitte.

ID 146097

Tessa Herd Court

CEO & Founder IntelligenceBank. Profitable & Scalable. Exec Team @ Hitwise with successful exit. Springboard Enterprises Alum.

ID 220114

Albert Yang

Founder & CEO at JASU

ID 265958

Michelle Henry

Marketing Manager at @plutora • Worked at @Purevantage, @commonwealth Bank of Australia • Studied MBA at @AGSM, BBUS @Monash

ID 377060

Zvonko Vidos

BSc (Computer/Math Science), Masters in Project Mgmt. Experienced in cutting edge tech, complex projects. Love people, science and solving problems! FUTURIST!

ID 381322

Scott Grierson

Founder of AquaTrophic - experience in algae biotech, consulting engineering, research commercialisation and sustainability, with a PhD in biomass processing.

ID 177566

Ilavenil A

Founder @zaq, @Mobileroo, @Delux, @gtext

ID 353037

Celso Prado

COO fanfuel

ID 254939

James Cole

PHP + CodeIgniter Developer. Lead Dev and part owner of Geotoko which was acquired by Hootsuite in 2011. Currently at InOutPut in Melbourne Australia.

ID 265800

Nino Svonja

Founder of SPAR-K Enterprise Graph Search • Worked at @sun-microsystems, @fast-search-transfer • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 38351

David Mclay

Founder & CEO of @xsrpm Studing Business advertising officially 1 million dollars = 1 share in @xsrpm

ID 320532

Kate Dinon


co-founded @pearlPRAUS and @dainesinger. strategy director for @portable

ID 102211

sachit malhotra

ID 41949

Courtney DeWitt

ID 416075

Sam Akbari


Founder @agile-corporation, The Food Directory • Studied at @swinburne-university

ID 344436


Technology should be an enabler, not an obstacle. I want to create great products that let people do what they do best. Passionate about customer experience

ID 72954

Stephen Neville

Digital Marketing Consultant. Formely Global Head of Digital Strategy for @zenithoptimedia. Founder of Melbourne based dev team @CommonCode

ID 496568

Shani Levy

MBA Candidate in Melbourne Business School with experience in Software Engineering

ID 300187

Chris Duran

A science PhD with people skills and an insatiable enthusiasm for creating innovative technology that works!

ID 168948

Alex Ilievski

Founder @myguestlist

ID 208831

Chen Wang

Founder foodinger • Worked at @jp-morgan • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 139531

George Radman

Founder cAlert • Worked at @ibm, @telstra @datacom • Studied at @Deakin @Swinburne University of Technology

ID 56139

Eat With Me

Connecting People Through Food

ID 250980

Simon Hanlon

Founder @AIrspaced • Studied at @monash-university University (BCom, LLB) Lawyer.

ID 383529

Matt Kopp

MBA entrepreneur

ID 434895

Keren Flavell

Award-winning web producer, author, speaker (SXSW). Worked at ABC, SBS, Spider Eye Studios. Founder, Springtime Productions,, Wholesome Media.

ID 187381

Brent Hall

ID 57907

Bryan Eddy

Co Founder, Exective Producer at BoxMedia Network

ID 249277

John Uiterwyk

10+ years software dev experience. Successfully delivered more than 20 software products. Deep understanding of wide range of languages and technologies.

ID 425765

Pawel Siedlak

Wroclaw University of Technology CS. Moved to Melbourne 2 years ago. Working as a software engineer at @papercloud.

ID 41602

Robin Vessey

Founder @redgum-technologies Founder @advanced-publishing-systems Venture Developer, BAppSci(CSSE)

ID 133041

Alexander Haggerty

Entrepreneur with an interest in Product Development, eCommerce and Digital Strategy.

ID 350523

Angelina Ebeling

Multilingual Strategy and HR enthusiast, Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship, looking for 3-5 months internships in Melbourne starting in February 2014

ID 22549

Ralph Garbers

Ex-Microsoft Regional Manager

ID 66952

Daniel Reynolds


ID 333437

Rocky Liang

Founder @swatchmate

ID 119447

James Gee

ID 157659

Chris Coleman

Worked at @handle-my-health

ID 123524

Jithma Beneragama

Experienced digital media specialist

ID 356430

Paul Pallaghy

CEO/Founder in|out. Inventor Voice Logistics System 2012 & world's 1st app store 2002. Systems engineer $1M plant roll-outs. Univ of Melbourne PhD.

ID 149227

Andrew Hempel

ID 122551

Dallas Krueger

Lover of life and successful learner. Businessman, Human Behaviorist, Big Dreamer and avid hack sacker.

ID 287509

Alan Dee

Founder @ 2Crates. 15 years IT industry; Masters in Entrepreneurship (Swinburne)

ID 501967

Hannah Duke

Coordinating Editor at My French Life™. Freelance Journalist, Editor & Copywriter. Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 121000

Thomas Shaw

recruitment technology & online classifieds

ID 252742

Jose Mendez

tech junkie. @melbourne

ID 161216

Vaughn Hew

Co-Founder @whogotstuff. Developer (Elec Engineering, Comp Sci, Systems Engineering, Cyber Security). Street photography, Taichi, cooking.

ID 43046


Co-founder of Lexim

ID 153850

Mark Mansour

Get the Story

ID 263558

Ben Richardson

Aerospace Engineer & Entrepreneur

ID 264210

Lauren Rielly

ID 454904

Buddhi Jayatilleke

Strong industry and academic background in software engineering; PhD in Computer Science; International exposure working with leading software companies in the US, Norway, Australia and Sri Lanka; Core expertise in establishing and achieving engineering e

ID 490435

Jess Pang

Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 380403

Francis Go

Partner of Appdorable; Product at Pop Mimic; Business Graduate Student at AGSM.

ID 456005

Maia Bryant

Founder @lkbk-com • Worked at @deloitte-consulting-strategy-operations • Studied at @university-of-durham

ID 416562

Anthony Curtin

Founder @propdocs, @melbourne-christmas-trees • Worked at @ashurst, @effective-measure-international

ID 292610

Jay Stansell

Digital Product Manager for, RAC WA,, Blogger at Passionate mostly about UI,UX&leadership.

ID 163088

Sabina Schnelle

ID 502156

Tommy Top

ID 253696

Jerrold Poh

Cofounder and CTO of @coinjar

ID 126596

Nick Byrne

Founder of, heading to in May and looking for some awesome Ruby workplaces to join

ID 177933

Murray Galbraith

Serial entrepreneur. Creative Director, strategist & social media specialist. Ex-media & advertising exec with BIG ideas. Trying to build a killer team

ID 109485

Nick Redwood

Entrepreneur taking @seeksolve from inception through design & development to @launch and beyond. Love data & design, form & function and exponential growth.

ID 499238

Brent Charlton

Worked at @ettitude • Studied at @rmit-university

ID 184587

John Ngo

Founder @small-epic. Believes in idealism, entrepreneurship, user experience, Ruby, and the ‘Greater Fool’.

ID 165191

David Micallef

Cofounder and Developer of StomachSmart; Studied at @swinburne-university Uni though still learning everyday.

ID 131511

Josh Stuart

Zoop Founder; former Web Team Lead and Web Strategist at Nitro PDF (Melb and San Francisco); Founded and built whilst in University

ID 91055

Cameron Rambert

Digital strategy and growth specialist. Agency Marketer working with tier 1 brands for more than 7 years and founder of Melbourne based tech incubator, GENIAUS.

ID 504901

Mario Moeller

Founder @partystar Function Room Brokerage

ID 143718

Steve Guinness

Kiwi entrepreneur dominating life / living the dream. Founder of the world famous Coffee Catcha (@EspressoCorp). World explorer.

ID 213463

Rahul Jhaveri

Founder DiscoverMe - your episodes of talent

ID 299461

Richard Wilson

Founder of MathsPathway. Background in software entrepreneurship, IT and management consulting (LiTMUS Group), joined teaching via Teach for Australia.

ID 233363


CEO and Founder of Gouniq. Worked at @betfair UK and Betfair AUS in Marketing and Operations roles. Studied at @University of Victoria in Marketing and IT.

ID 331317

Simon Underwood

eCommerce & Online specialist

ID 287536

Marc van Hoof

Product Management, Entrepreneur, Go To Market strategy, Product Development, Architectures and Engineering, Guerrilla Marketing, Global expansion.

ID 508696

Jordy Catalano

Co-Founder of Wise Guides. Background in Commerce (Entrepreneurship and Innovation).

ID 480924

Sarah Redmond

Digital strategist, virtual learning and education specialist working mostly with internal and change programs.

ID 287360

Mark Kuch

Founder @laypay

ID 465870

Bart Wildash

Founder DreamShare • Studied at @swinburne-university

ID 397580

Ben O'Neill

Innovative Infrastructure Manager, 1st W2K in Aus, Largest W2K in Aus, VMWare Early Adopter, Largest VDI in Aus, SDN early adopter

ID 286060

Patrick Smith

Founder InfinityList – primary web designer and developer.

ID 465301

Boris Fernandes

ID 426298

Adrian Grayson-Widarsito

CTO and Founder at Yellloh. Science and Aerospace Engineering, programmer, nerd.

ID 383609

Brian (Yeong Hoon) Kim

ID 247516

Enda Eames

Business Transformation, Leadership & People Performance Coach/Consultant. Helping to translate complex technology products into pragmatic business solutions.

ID 199675

Anirudh Joshi

Studies at @university-of-melbourne

ID 331965

Alex Zhen

8+ years experienced producer/product manager in the Internet field. I had been working at Disney Interactive Media Group as product manager for 5 years and later joined in a Start-up company based in Beijing as one of the foundation team in charge of pro

ID 100204

Nicholas Firth-McCoy

ID 143196

Scott Burgess

Founder & CEO @continu. Previously, Co-Founder @createone.

ID 216835

Lyn Nagara

Web developer.,,

ID 268167

Andrew King

Back-end builder

ID 103803

Brett Allen

SME Business professional with a successful 20+ years track record of profitable small to medium business ownership

ID 434776

Craig Miller

Founder On The Door • Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 264414

Fernando Leon

Idealist and dreamer. Traveler and athlete wannabe. Currently cooking up my new venture. Worked at @medialets, @startupbus • Studied at @rmit-university, @aalto-university

ID 218086

Mike Ebinum

co-Founder of Hive ride sharing service, software engineer and budding entrepreneur

ID 342925

Luciano Devoto

Founder/Ex-Director @pocha-leather (Sold), Customer-centred focus passionate about ideas & businesses.

ID 365571

Andrew Nolan

Computer Vision Software Engineer, worked on Medical Device and UAVs development

ID 333617

Teresa Truda

Lead producer on many campaigns, set up multiple small personal ventures, technology lead and educator to others.

ID 481499

Gabrielle Kelly

Founder Lodie • Studied at @monash-university

ID 424658

Jon Wellman

Founder & CEO @yellloh • Studied Science (mathematics) @monash-university University • Previous Financial Planner @Plan4Wealth.

ID 317581

Joshep Lee

Melbourne University Finance & Management, Maybank Investment Banking CEO's office, AngelCube Startup Accelerator/Fund.

ID 264944

Adam D

Co-founder of Vezuva

ID 490092

Kate Collinson

Recently returned from 3.5 years in NYC, seeking any and all opportunities in the exciting world of Melbourne and Sydney technology and innovation.

ID 163133

Jia Rong

Founder TULIP Research Lab • Worked at @mibt & @deakin-university • PhD candidate @ @deakin-university

ID 501755

Tricia Musto, MBA

Completed my MBA at the age of 27 while working full-time. Moved to Melbourne, Australia from New Jersey. Loving myself and finding happiness.

ID 463471

Dmitriy Ivanov

ID 460744

Sam Crouch

MelbourneUni MastersofPhysics; 2 Year project algorithm optimisation in C++;

ID 423401

Pan Demosthenous

Technologist, product creator, ex-BSkyB mobile and interactive

ID 168026


Developer with previous experience in java, ruby and now focussing primarily on iOS. 4 years corporate Agile experience, never worked at a startup.

ID 137042

Phil Gadzinski

ID 338624

Thomas Brophy

Co-founder @tiip. Software developer with diverse background - games, optimisation, mobile, BCS (Hons), M. Comp. Sci. (Melb).

ID 461737

Phil Metcalfe

Technology & digital product enthusiast. I love working in software delivery teams on great products that add value to peoples lives.

ID 425809

Jeff Paine

Founder ShutterClass • Works at @pwc-1 • Pro photographer, cinematographer and compulsive problem solver

ID 228018

Isaac Mizrachi

CEO and Co-Founder of ShopsPicks. Worked at @delaware-north • Studied at @rmit-university, @victoria-university-melbourne PhD 2013.

ID 130704

Jonathon Flavel

Co-founder and COO at CheckinLine. B.Soc.Sc. (Policy & Research). Queuing theory, new MR, research methods, policy writing, data analysis.

ID 421299

Akshay Sachdeva

An Awesome Hustler with the ability to think creatively and make customers fall in love with my products/services.

ID 424653

Andy Crone

Founder & CXO @yellloh | Strategic Design (Hons) @university-of-otago | UI/UX, Growth, Business Strategy, Beer

ID 415224

Chris Owen

ID 447000

Ayush Gupta

ID 400799

Matthias Peitsch

Studied at @monash-university

ID 169068

Minh Nam Ngo

Studied at @monash-university

ID 420357

Yiyi Wang

An experienced web designer interested in growth hacking by day, an exhibiting visual artist with blogging and social network skill at night

ID 427373

Oliver Owens

I build things. Sometimes they don't break.

ID 294432

Julia Hughan

UX/social media/digital strategy. Studied at @monash-university-1, BA (Honours). Previous at @deloitte-digital. E3 eligible.

ID 132820

Yannis Kolovos

Ruby On Rails Developer

ID 468819

Jonathan 'joff' Bryce

ID 428620

Norbert Herrmann

18 years working online, hands-across Platform & Product Strategy, Mobile, APIs, Big Data, Ux also successful small business founder

ID 426581

Santo Pascuzzi

Engineer | Sport boules | Running | Oceania record holder

ID 426637

Alvaro Maz

Co-founder 2Crates, Founder Creative Suburbs, Co-founder Code For Australia, @trending-city, worked at @world-vision, fellow at Startup Leadership Program

ID 91091

Bernard FitzGerald

Founder MAIL.IT • Studied Science at @monash-university with major's in Computer Science and Mathematics; Currently working in the printing/mailing industry

ID 376955

Charles Korn

Monash BEng / BSci with a interest in business, robotics and software.

ID 101967


ID 406864

Andy Hwang

Marketing communications professional

ID 202759

Spencer Harrison

Founder @studio-pennant • Worked at @brand-new-creative, @mash-design • Studied at @university-of-south-australia, @flinders-university-of-south-australia

ID 317739

Michael Calle

ID 109953

Christian Fagan

Web Design expert with a history of producing high quality digital products for large organisations in Australia.

ID 219786

Fraser Perkins

Software engineer currently working with the .NET (C#) and monotouch on a variety of applications large and small. Loves Web/Mobile. See LinkedIn below.

ID 226789

Adrian Maciburko

Innovation Manager @ ANZ Bank

ID 316263

Tony Youssef

10 years web development experience for some of the largest companies in Australia. Advanced skills in ASP.NET, C#, SQL SERVER. RMIT (Computer Science)

ID 499287

Adam Chrimes

Postdoc at RMIT, focus on nanotech-biosensors; Strong research and development background.

ID 464597

Charles Guillard

Serial entrepreneur, determined, outspoken and driven by sports.

ID 455864

Johnson Yao

ID 314921

Natalie NG

An aspiring entrepreneur, full-time science/laws student, currently working for the university but keen to expand my horizons.

ID 120875

Saul Caganoff

CTO of Sixtree. Integration strategy, architecture, distributed systems, on-premise and in the Cloud.

ID 387881

Jack Young

RMIT Masters student; versed in digital marketing, creative development and brand strategy.

ID 377112

Steve Bauer

Product Guy. Makes things happen. Specialises in mobile.

ID 338015


ID 449336

Wes Roach

Founder Maxwald Pty Ltd • Worked at @nab • Studied at @rmit-university

ID 220541

Brian Reaves

With 10+ yrs of digital & software experience, Brian prides himself in product ideation, offering a wide range of disciplines from a mosaic of former positions.

ID 302484

Alan King

Team Leader, Tech Project Manager, Energy and Transportation experience, Start-up Founder

ID 128249

Sebastian Loch

Entrepreneurship - Start-up Consulting - Business Development

ID 383552

Sean Bullock

Front End Developer that loves illustration, clean code and problem solving. |

ID 481213

James Mansfield

I design easy to use products.

ID 423157

Chris Pang

Marketing professional who has been responsible for some of the biggest launches in Australia looking to get involved with start-ups.

ID 433715

Matthew Simpson

Business School Graduate, willing entrepreneur prepared to work hard for not a great deal of money to help build something at a start-up company

ID 279129

Grant Simonds

Founder MComms TV • Worked at @ericsson, @telstra

ID 310746

Lants / Atlanta Daniel

Founder @tetris-digital • Worked at @mccann-erickson, @r-co-brand-identity • Studied at @rmit-university

ID 335639

Remco Marcelis


CFO/COO for tech/cleantech co's for 10 years; VC investor; Raised/invested $40m Entrepreneurial Educator; worked at EDS, PwC, Accenture. MBA.

ID 387459

Georgia Grant

ID 338477


Master in Computer sciences, worked at IBM, developed code in TSQL, VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, Javascript etc

ID 392850

Shane O'Grady

UI Developer, AngularJS, RoR. Into startups & innovation. Worked for Accenture.

ID 392350

Christopher Kommatas

Founder of Australian Consulting Group; Visionary leader; Digital health entrepreneur; Experienced global healthcare executive

ID 325616

Harsain Singh


ID 446718

Mark Buchanan

Employee #1 in APAC for SuccessFactors - acquired by SAP in 2012 for US$3.4Billion.

ID 434221

Tomek Nowak

Founder @thisisbox • Worked @havas-worldwide-euro-rscg, @tbwa • Studied @central-institute-of-technology

ID 250184

Alfie John

Perl Developer at FastMail.FM

ID 444979

Thomas Workman

Worked at @unilever, @agl-energy • Studied at @university-of-derby

ID 353248

Oren Fixler

Technology Innovation at major Australian telco Telstra; RMIT University B.Bus Entrepreneurship alum.

ID 419234

Wil Pringle

Studied at RMIT, Full-stack jack of all trades, JS, Python, PHP, Java.

ID 439358

Lija Wilson

Experienced digital marketer and brand strategist with passion for start ups

ID 482209

Jackie Antig

ID 392925

Bob Danani

High Performance Computing specialist (Software Engineer), top scholar, M.Sc in Computer Science, work at IBM Research Australia

ID 456285

Peter Williams

Founder @localz • Worked at @kpmg, @national-australia-bank

ID 100809

Ollie Wallis

Sports trader, founding Director of Limehouse (Australia's fastest growing 3D agency) and investor.

ID 306261

Shanila Ashraff

MSc Software Engineering @university of york, founder of tech startup, front-end developer, won 2nd place in HCI competition

ID 497591

Jasvir Singh Cheema

Full stack developer and aspiring designer

ID 133733

Thien Nguyen

Co-founder of Goldspades.

ID 454888

Reuben Acciano

Comms, marketing and socmed pro with lean startup and Agile dev experience, seeking new challenges and willing to relocate from Oz

ID 488140

Vuong Ngo

Student & Passionate entrepreneur building trustworthy environment that brings Joy and Satisfaction through collaboration on realizing great idea.

ID 190466

Nik Kingsman

Nik Kingsman is a Community Manager in Melbourne. Lover of all things social media and tech. (views are my own and not of my employer)

ID 79043

Simon Quick

Englishman in Melbourne

ID 133965


Entrepreneur since age 15 and equipped with knowledge well beyond my years. I'm the hungry for success entrepreneur that big businesses should be afraid of.

ID 287099

Gursharan Singh

launched 2 android play store apps, made successful java applets for companies, some experience with matlab, quick learner, master of IT student at uni of melb

ID 52555

Rick-William Govic

Founder of AIMW. 1st startup, Most innovative website of 2007 awarded by @microsoft. Business Graduate of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

ID 360640

Greg Furlong

Founder and Director at @channelpace • Extensive business experience. Worked at @ibm, @lenovo, @toshiba in sales and management positions over 25 years.

ID 50135

Jen Storey

Founder, Outside Insights & Interactive Minds

ID 141324

Rebecca Cannon

Founder @artabase-2 Webby Honoree 2008. BA Media Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Published by MIT Press.

ID 308579

Nathan Oliver

Director | Leader | Banker | Human

ID 314208

Anmoldeep Gill

Developed php css html and mysql website for my final project using Object Oriented Technique

ID 107461

Dallas Mayne

Founder @windsale-marketing, @fossil-energy, @Mayne Tank Rentals

ID 459091

David W L Reid

Academic, ex. Advertising, Television Industry. Experience in New Zealand, Australia, England.

ID 131754

Stefan Paul Angheli

Founder & CEO, Health Fitness & Co.

ID 419397

Brad Moore

Worked at @moodswing • Studied at @la-trobe-university

ID 28742

Russell Longmuir

Enterprise Software & Services Director, IBM

ID 295267

Kjdz Le

Phantom Web Developers for Businesses.

ID 164631

Brad Sang

11 years commercial marketing experience with brands such as Telecom, All Blacks, Super Rugby, Netball Australia, ANZ Championship.

ID 258626

Ilya Frolov

ID 464550

Omar Gameel

enthusiastic developer with many contributions to to OSS

ID 278077

Lucretia de Jong

Founder WizeOwl, successfully developed and brought to market media technologies contracted internationally by McDonalds, 7eleven. Innovator of media marketing solutions, philanthropy and social responsibility.

ID 243732

Ben Liau

Digital marketing mastermind who specialises in SEO, digital marketing strategies, and web analytics. Founder of usepaper.

ID 49264

Stephen McDonald

Founder @kouio

ID 343624

Simon Wang

Worked at a Google Company - Motorola Mobility. Expert in IT system support for business separation and acquisition.

ID 319615

Mark Smithers

Highly experienced strategist, thinker, innovator and developer specializing in higher education technology.

ID 360846

Mike Reid

Melbourne City Manager @ I also blog on Startups & Entrepreneurship @

ID 409567


Young HR Professional with IT skills built an intranet site for a multinational company. Eager to thrive in a startup environment.

ID 87641

Sam Cambridge

Ruby on Rails developer, love startups. Currently travelling Australia. Worked at @loggable, @green-gorilla-apps

ID 313202

Leigh Sherman

Founded @tiip • Work at @telstra-australia • Studied at @university-of-ballarat

ID 175598

Andrew Cunningham

Founder and CEO at Zarfo People Communities. Working with beta members from over 100 countries around the world is both exciting and challenging!

ID 482905

Joyce Seitzinger

Education technologist & networked learner. Developing networked practices & communities in the academic world. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Ukulele player.

ID 418558

Adrian Kennedy

Full Stack Engineer. Former Artificial Intelligence Patent Examiner. Currency Trader. Computer Science and Mathematics BS.

ID 429022

Saurabh Kohli

Worked @tcs-1, @nbcuniversal-ivillage-division, @hcl-technologies

ID 508525

Pankaj Shrivastava

CEO at @nepalivivah, Associate @uma-ventures • Studied at @university-of-ballarat

ID 402142

Sebastian Vetter

Worked at @tangentlabs, @university-of-koblenz-1 • Studied at @university-of-koblenz

ID 190274

Jeffry Susanto

ID 395433

Reza Yousefzadeh

Senior Java Developer in Australia

ID 432986

Joco Todorovski

Marketing Director at @ibuywesell-ab

ID 419393

Jared Hopping

Co-Owner MVP Genius & Marketing Strategist @moodswing

ID 194806

Simon Hoeksma

Founder of babiinet. Entrepreneur and stay at home dad with a strong finance background.

ID 415760

Julian Cassin

Founder RapidFMS. Please visit me at Linked In.

ID 441676

William Nuyen

Developer, Designer, Business Man

ID 444145

Yaser Jarrar

Passionate developer add designer; Building mobile and web apps for 2 years now, co-founder of Grout.

ID 405881

Jay Kulkarni

ID 408292

Jonte de Zwart

16 year old internet entrepreneur.

ID 449836

Mabood Haghighat Sabet

ID 450506

Brendan Singh

ID 406159

Viran Perera

ID 388712

Rogerio Domingos

ID 391749

Charlie Henderson

ID 390365

Shaun Byrne

UX Designer at @LearningSeat. I tweet on design, beer & the awesomeness of life! I also play baseball, rock climb & ride fixed.

ID 392308

Scarlett O'Sullivan

Background in Sports Marketing

ID 439070

Bradley Curran

Mixes computers with science. A focus on mobile platforms.

ID 400304


ID 450064

James Ausling

ID 445806


ID 392735


ID 441765

Jamie McIntyre


Best Selling Author of "What I Didn't Learn at School But Wish I Had" Founded a dozen companies including 21st Century Education and 21st Century Media

ID 449310

Rami Jarrar

Founder @grout-2. Experience building web & mobile applications.

ID 404571

Jamie Skella

Webhead, technophile, designer of digital products. Currently UX Director at Tatts Group.

ID 387326



ID 376631

Samartha Bijukchhe

ID 485011

Simon Hoye

ID 361899

Alexander Blanchard

Wise young man, gets it.

ID 484223

Daniel Lawrence

I'm just here for the beer.

ID 481968

Suiping Lu

Co-founder of Box Royale Melbourne; IT Master Degree; Ruby on Rails Developer.

ID 481062

Marc Bennett

Long term techie, network infrastructure and network security background. Looking for something exciting. Love start ups!

ID 465912


ID 357817

David Ni

ID 358884

Penny Smits

ID 371412

Dara Bun

Lead Designer at one of the large ESP's.

ID 346510

Andrew Yap

Junior Doctor & Healthcare Business Analyst. 1st startup in Health IT

ID 350829


ID 361744

Ludvig Nylin

Business student, Uppsala University. Also interested in and study IT and finance.

ID 481520

Andrew Ballard


ID 459587

Annmarie McMath

ID 460184

Robert Ward


Co-Founder at Annex Products, currently working on making Quad Lock the world's number one smartphone mount for people with active lifestyles.

ID 364293

Paul Evans

Paul Evans

ID 493406

Reuben So

Bootstrap Entrepreneur and Professional Product Manager. Strong diverse background in both Business Strategy and Software Engineering.

ID 495017

James Welch-Thornton

ID 502816

Sam Warburton

ID 300864

Edouard Mainier

I am an experienced web developer. Thanks to a web application developer degree and some great experiences, I developed a wide range of technical skills.

ID 286792

Renee Carmody

I'm a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and All-Round-Nice-Person! I want to do interesting things with excellent people.

ID 339923

Sam Nissinen

UX / UI / IA / ID

ID 501816

Vahid Anwari

ID 339183

Jordan Walsh

General IT Specialst, BA & Product Manager. Competent in everything from coding complex regex to writing new customer engagement methodologies.

ID 297354

Kim Holland

ID 314285

Gina Carré

ID 424999

Matthew Rowland

ID 308163

Zia Word

Full Stack marketer & generalist

ID 499329


Developed App ( , Developed Kids book ( Presently completing a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Part Time).

ID 507485


ID 332077

Max Gershkovich

Developer specializing in C#, VB.NET, WCF, Android, Azure and just about everything else Microsoft related. Currently working in my secret bunker on my own startup.

ID 290042

Moira Dempsey

Studied at International Learning Centres. Sole Proprietor, Kinesiology Instructor/Consultant. Senior instructor RMT International.

ID 502720

Lenny Tjoe

Founder of Wink & Winn. Living and working in China for the past 10 years.

ID 332200

Cassandra Palmer

ID 332244

George Oosthuizen

ID 306729

Matt Delves

Developer, Operations guy, grumpy when code doesn't pass automated tests.

ID 425033

Charles Tsang

ID 328791

David McArthur

UI/UX designer, CSS guru, global client expertise, accessibility pioneer, Scottish accent

ID 274408

Julien Viard

Technology focused recruitment consultant - working with innovation teams in large corporates, startups and product oriented agencies.

ID 425101

Ian Lee

ID 133457

Deepak Chawla

A Brand Identity Designer, a Creative Strategist, a Vintage Art Lover, and Votary of Design.

ID 127598

Egor Pavlikhin

CEO at @bestla

ID 124871

Harley Alexander

I'm a front-end/product Designer & Developer that works closely with WordPress. I also do Branding, graphic & identity design.

ID 282751


Founder Image & Media

ID 268765

Matt Tew, i-Possible

Web-app developer and Most Glorious Leader of web agency i-Possible

ID 283599

Pablo De Nadai

ID 265839


ID 216275

Martin Lin


I am a Financial Advisor and want to invest some cash into good business.

ID 174766

Kat Loughrey

Online Executive in sporting industry | Co-curator: @thefetchmelb | Music-lover & reviewer: @inthemixMelbKat | Explorer. Questioner. Researcher. |

ID 128114

Kristen Holden

I help businesses make sense of their digital marketing without all the jargon and bullshit. (Formerly with @99designs, flippa, @sitepoint etc)

ID 130778

Scott Li

ID 274236

Tyce Clee

Frontend Dev, currently freelance + contract. Worked with AusPost, IBM, Tweaky, Adioso

ID 197184

Josh Devereux

Worked at @woolworths-limited

ID 178395

Zuhair Naqvi

ID 187845

Mohamad Nassar

later will tell u

ID 228031

Adam J Shaw

Experienced Project and Construction consultant specialist in supporting Financiers. Aid for any cost, risk and business case advisory work.

ID 264880

Harpreet Atwal

IIT Guwahati - ECE, expert embedded software engineer

ID 133154

Steven Quayle

Co-Founder of 3Floorsup. Founder of and Founder and Board Memeber of

ID 99809

Alex Bromidis

ID 14152

Warren Voss

ID 16251

Edward Hun

ID 38255

Daniel Kirkland

nonprofit management, business startups, and developing solution of integrating the whole person with ecological sustainability and organic living.

ID 72771

Christopher Hawkins

Analyst at @accenture and Co-founder of TGT Studios

ID 426533

James Stackhouse

I'm a designer, coder and maker. I combine a deep knowledge of the digital platforms I work on with multiple visual design disciplines.

ID 84659

Andre Lang

Founder of @make-it-mine-finance. A Top 10 Fastest Growing company in Australia. Also owner of @cash-for-computers.

ID 42599

Phil Lancaster

Founder ExpressApps (sold) Found Infotronics(sold). Know IT Integration, Hosting, MSP, Software Distribution very well. Introduced many to Australian market.

ID 102000

Ash Nilkanth

Founder of @hatchvid. Entrepreneur, programmer, realist, industry veteran, MIS.

ID 60297

Richard Burke

Worked at @internode

ID 63621

Bruno Partridge

Founder & CEO of @reach: Whats your poison?.

ID 22657

Jim Alateras

Put your mini-resume here!

ID 77243

Mahala Joyce

Victorian Account Manager- Rockport at True Alliance

ID 427321

Shane Bardsley

Owner/Organiser of Central Sun Trance Festival 2013, Melbourne, Australia

ID 84021

Joseph McDaid

Chief Modeling Officer at @vumero

ID 101253

Kourosh Afsari

Web Developer at RMIT University; Based in Melbourne, Australia; Strong Multimedia/Design background; Looking forward to meeting interesting/inspiring people...

ID 107976

Jake Lawton

ID 426439

Leon Belobrov

Experienced digital professional, managed operations and product development at ANZ for over 1 million satisfied customers.

ID 426372

Steve Papas

Senior Developer at Yellloh

ID 83678

rifki fauzi

Freelance Ruby on rails developer. worked at Domikado, Kiranatama

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