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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Melbourne.

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ID 291956

Rael Ross


Founded Emarr (sold to PE), founded ksk finance (PE AND lender) current CEO , founded Charatise (current CEO)

ID 187052

Samson Adams


Analyst, Creator, Curator, etc.

ID 162454

Matthew Schotz

Founder @text-together. USC Entrepreneur Program. Champion Sportfisherman and Yacht Captain.

ID 501640

Erik Swedberg

Worked at @infosys @Cangene • Studied at @melbourne-business-school, @london-business-school, @university of Florida

ID 292688

Mark Freidin

Deakin Business School, Catch OF the Day (COO), Victoria Station Group (General Manager)

ID 208831

Chen Wang

Founder foodinger • Worked at @jp-morgan • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 335580

Hassaan Memon

Literature major transitioning to Mathematics while working in Sales, Duke University

ID 434895

Keren Flavell

Award-winning web producer, author, speaker (SXSW). Worked at ABC, SBS, Spider Eye Studios. Founder, Springtime Productions,, Wholesome Media.

ID 367270

Alexander Peh

British, Australian & Malaysian Citizenship. All things Mobile, Emerging Tech & eCommerce. Android Advocate.

ID 157899

Gregory Green

Studied at @melbourne-business-school School, @university-of-evansville, 4 startups under the belt, founder of a new one on the go. Entrepreneur and getter of done.

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder @ediply, MA Grad • @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university. Varied Business background. Globally orientated.

ID 419404

Vladimir Gagovic

Australian MBA with global investment experience looking to roll out promising start-ups in Australia.

ID 249161

Raj (Sanchivaran) Thavarajah

Law Student at Monash Uni Melbourne Australia. Founded web start up Built a community on campus with over 1000 students - FMAA Monash. Worked at deloitte.

ID 440957

Harprem Doowa

Co-Founder & COO @whatsnew, Strong business background (Analyst and Broker @FNSYRUS), Monash University BBC, Sasin University MBA

ID 163088

Sabina Schnelle

ID 165906

Sri Niranjan Shekar

Statistical Geneticist. Due diligence on medical technologies. Worked at @counsyl in Sales and Australia wide distribution and marketing strategies.

ID 245957

Asaf Katz

Strong Business and Project Management background (TASC (Bain Co associates), Intel, IAF), Strong web tech knowledge

ID 432850

Adam Sohaib

BS @Mizzou, MBA @University of Melbourne,Melbourne Business School. Founded ANFchicago. Strong entrepreneurial background, started first business @ age 14.

ID 350523

Angelina Ebeling

Multilingual Strategy and HR enthusiast, Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship, looking for 3-5 months internships in Melbourne starting in February 2014

ID 231856

Daniel Mumby

Corporate Sales & Marketing +15 yrs & 8 yrs smallbiz marketing/web/strategy consulting. 8 previous startups, now strategy consulting & Founder @terralingo

ID 96211

James Giancotti


Former Mgmt Consultant @deloitte-consulting @capgemini-consulting , then Investment Banker. @goldman-sachs @jp-morgan Invested @makible Co-Founder @bigcolors

ID 197184

Josh Devereux

Worked at @woolworths-limited

ID 400304


ID 331317

Simon Underwood

eCommerce & Online specialist

ID 433715

Matthew Simpson

Business School Graduate, willing entrepreneur prepared to work hard for not a great deal of money to help build something at a start-up company

ID 392350

Christopher Kommatas

Founder of Australian Consulting Group; Visionary leader; Digital health entrepreneur; Experienced global healthcare executive

ID 342925

Luciano Devoto

Founder/Ex-Director @pocha-leather (Sold), Customer-centred focus passionate about ideas & businesses.

ID 353248

Oren Fixler

Technology Innovation at major Australian telco Telstra; RMIT University B.Bus Entrepreneurship alum.

ID 421299

Akshay Sachdeva

An Awesome Hustler with the ability to think creatively and make customers fall in love with my products/services.

ID 247516

Enda Eames

Business Transformation, Leadership & People Performance Coach/Consultant. Helping to translate complex technology products into pragmatic business solutions.

ID 314921

Natalie NG

An aspiring entrepreneur, full-time science/laws student, currently working for the university but keen to expand my horizons.

ID 361744

Ludvig Nylin

Business student, Uppsala University. Also interested in and study IT and finance.

ID 60297

Richard Burke

Worked at @internode

ID 501755

Tricia Musto, MBA

Completed my MBA at the age of 27 while working full-time. Moved to Melbourne, Australia from New Jersey. Loving myself and finding happiness.

ID 133154

Steven Quayle

Co-Founder of 3Floorsup. Founder of and Founder and Board Memeber of

ID 465301

Boris Fernandes

ID 490092

Kate Collinson

Recently returned from 3.5 years in NYC, seeking any and all opportunities in the exciting world of Melbourne and Sydney technology and innovation.

ID 502816

Sam Warburton

ID 228031

Adam J Shaw

Experienced Project and Construction consultant specialist in supporting Financiers. Aid for any cost, risk and business case advisory work.

ID 143718

Steve Guinness

Kiwi entrepreneur dominating life / living the dream. Founder of the world famous Coffee Catcha (@EspressoCorp). World explorer.

ID 279129

Grant Simonds

Founder MComms TV • Worked at @ericsson, @telstra

ID 287536

Marc van Hoof

Product Management, Entrepreneur, Go To Market strategy, Product Development, Architectures and Engineering, Guerrilla Marketing, Global expansion.

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