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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Melbourne.

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ID 27387

Diesel Laws

Founder & Designer @app-io. Passionate about great UI & UX.

ID 57029

Ivan Vanderbyl

CTO @app-io. Founded @crashlog & @testpilot • Worked at @orionvm

ID 410020

Mike Rhodes


Founded WebSavvy - Visual SEM Management

ID 11657

Michael Shimmins

Founder and CEO of @lexim.

ID 85568

Fenn Bailey

Co-founder & architect of @adioso. Hacker. Traveler.

ID 4641

Jeremy Howard


Now: Singularity University; Previous: President / Chief Scientist @kaggle; Founder @FastMail (sold to Opera) and @ODG (sold to Choicepoint). Worked @McKinsey.

ID 31878

Andrew Birt


Co-founded @lifx and @angelcube. Mentor @500Startups.

ID 115658

Chris Hitchen



ID 145011

Edward Dowling

Founder & CEO @app-io. Always creating awesome products and teams that are never boring and always exciting.

ID 3973

Ben Welch-bolen


CEO/Founder of World Wide Web Hosting. Life long entrepreneur and learning to love management. 100+ remote team running 24/7 around the world.

ID 120932

Chris Nolet

Founder @app-io • Worked at @skm-consulting, @papercloud • Studied at @university-of-melbourne, @rmit-university

ID 95336

Kate Kendall

Founder & CEO of @the-fetch. Writer. Led growth, digital media and community teams. BSc (Biotechnology), MB (Marketing).

ID 28889

Tom Howard

Co-founder, @adioso. Product-designer, recruiter, hacker, writer, traveller.

ID 163632

Tim Fung

Founder and CEO @airtasker-1 • Worked at @amaysim, @macquarie-bank • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales (B. Comm, marketing)

ID 157899

Gregory Green

Studied at @melbourne-business-school School, @university-of-evansville, 4 startups under the belt, founder of a new one on the go. Entrepreneur and getter of done.

ID 59498

Glen Maddern

Founder of @goodfilms. Data-crunching, high-scaling background. Film-lover.

ID 102082

Ben Hamey

Great Ape @ @bonobo. Designer of multiple #1 apps. I'm all about smashing business, design and technology into a delicious concoction.

ID 68352

Chris Dahl

BDM at Pin Payments, Co-founder of Nitro. Software/Product Professional with technical background.

ID 67211

M Asif Rahman


Founder CEO at A. R. Communications. Web Industry and Optimization Expert. Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor.

ID 56573

Dinesh George

Associate @adventure-capital. Lead organiser of Startup Weekend Australia.

ID 21580

Michael Giles

Follow me on Twitter

ID 267406

Ben Sze

Founder @tutor-on-demand • Past high school tutor • Worked @goldman-sachs @kpmg • Volunteer at Baan Dada • Studied @university-of-melbourne & CFA Institute

ID 118032

Andrew Apostola


Co-founder of @portable and CTO of new luxury lifestyle service @svbscription.

ID 113348

Antony McGregor Dey

CMO @liveexercise | Founder @link-me-2 | Online Marketing | Aussie Entrepreneur | I'm from the internet

ID 55316

Leslie Barry

Founding Partner of @getviable Founded & successful exit of @exertrack, acquired by 1st round @techstars company, Gyminee, now DailyBurn.

ID 358950

Simon Jones

Founder of @promisepay. 5th Startup. Helped build a technology platform for mortgage transactions that exceeded $30 billion p/a. Two years ago achieved an MBA.

ID 119704

David Truong

Head of Business Development @app-io, Founder @broccol-e-games. Comp Sci and Law degrees from @flinders-university-of-south-australia

ID 82631

Hillan Klein

CEO & Co-founder at Budge

ID 34063

Cris Pearson

CEO & Product/graphic/UI/UX designer @ Prior to Skitch: Co-founded & ran plasq. Designed UI for Award winning software, Comic Life.

ID 58100

Scott Handsaker

Co-founder and CEO of @eventarc and @attendly

ID 111757

Andrew Armstrong

Founder @121cast | Experienced Software and Web Developer (mobile, front/back-end, servers), different, passionate, driven | Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 67833

Anita Eglitis

Co-Founder at Techseeder Pty Ltd

ID 65687

Chris Rickard

Co-founder, thinker, & hacker at Setkick. Previously tech lead at @portable, speaker & judge at Hong Kong mobile film festival 2011.

ID 218571

Blake Hutchison

Founder of Good44 (pre. AgendaSelects). Previous start-up experience as Head of BD at VC backed NileGuide. Led a team of 6 as the Director BD at Lonely Planet.

ID 11092

Darren J Pollard

Mobile. Social. Gaming. Monetization. Been around long enough to know how to use a DOS shell. 5 startups. One $25M exit. Well traveled Australian. Connected.

ID 74840

Ash Conway

Founder Make'n Movies, Smokin Apps (sold). Working on 5th venture. 1st company at 19. Internet entrepreneur Dell, BusinessObjects, SAP, Cisco, IronPort. Designer by trade.

ID 3065

Sean Kelly

Founder CEO of @corus. Collaboration startup. Technologist.

ID 202711

Jie Zhou

Front-end engineer @kinnek • Former tech attorney @fenwick-and-west with a penchant for coding • Studied at @yale-university, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 36138

James Spittal

Digital Marketing. PHP Programmer. Sales/Biz Dev guy. Online Marketing and #leanstartup background. Studied at @rmit-university, @swinburne-university.

ID 76250

Tri Truong

CEO, Tru-e Technology and Media Services INC.

ID 239840

Chris Joannou

Founder @perceptar, @StartupMelb • Melbourne Director @startup-grind Studied at @swinburne-university "Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers"- Shoestring Startups

ID 30593

Pete Meehan

Founder/CEO of CafePeople. Product guy, Aussie entrepreneur in the Valley behind a platform for coffee lovers to share interests, Social TV, meet amazing people

ID 125310

Matt Devlin

Founder noWorriesHire; Started first Civil Construction Company 3 years ago. B.E. Civil Engineer. Strong industry background, 15 years plus.

ID 208412

Stephanie Andrews

Founder @fabbit • Worked at @pixar, @university-of-washington-1 • Studied at @university-of-washington, @school-of-the-art-institute-of-chicago

ID 112993

Shaun Johnson

ID 158834

Ivan Lim

Head of Marketing @tweaky-com • Founder of Vinspi • @angelcube-2 class of 2012 • Worked at OZHut, 69th Fastest Growing Australian Startup 2011

ID 110132

Kunal Kalro

Founder @outtrippin. Speaks 4 languages. Lived on 4 continents. 2 time travel-tech entrepreneur. Former mgmt consultant. Travel nerd with a business background.

ID 44668

Neil Walter

Founder Of @random-ramble, Online Games Consulting Company. Looking to expand consulting business to over 100 clients in 2012!

ID 437277

Justin Re


Founder @ourcast

ID 51537

Jordan Green


Founder @melbourne-angels-inc, @australian-association-of-angel-investors-ltd, successful VC, Angel and serial entrepreneur MBS (MBA) BEng (Electronics) RMIT

ID 45804

Alex John

Changing the way people buy media. Experience: Sara Lee, Roche, L'Oreal, Simplot, KPMG Web MAD since '93

ID 119433

James Crawford

Co-Founder @beanhunter

ID 495137

Keith Pitt

Founder, Buildbox • Worked at @pin-payments, @the-frontier-group @desks-near-me-1

ID 65266

João Valente

Founder & CTO @outtrippin. Previously Tech-Lead at and Project Manager / Information Architect at Bridging the gap between computers and people.

ID 125929

Ned Dwyer

CEO of

ID 239384

Peter Murray

CTO and co-founder of; former Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks

ID 98793

Hany Pham

Co-founder @onetouch. Former finance guy turned tech entrepreneur

ID 75658

Andrew Coates

Co-founder of @moneytribe, founder @superapps . Co-founded AgentArts (acquired by Fast Search). Strategy consultant at Accenture. Hack musician.

ID 306777

Kelsey Schwenk

Founder of Atlasa. Strong digital strategy background through agency work (Huge, Flint, Frog Design). Wharton UG'06. Has stepped foot on all 7 continents.

ID 357501

Andrew Ward


Andrew Ward B.Ec (Syd Uni), is the founder and Managing Director of SelfWealth Ltd. 20 years experience in the financial services industry globally

ID 440957

Harprem Doowa

Co-Founder & COO @whatsnew, Strong business background (Analyst and Broker @FNSYRUS), Monash University BBC, Sasin University MBA

ID 128166

Bao-Minh Tran-Vo

Passionate about sports and technology. Founder of @c8apps-1.

ID 139796

Caine Wanjau

Co-founder of FlashCast. Founder member of the *iHub_ Robotics Initiative, worked in Banking, studied at Strathmore University and Monash University

ID 136108

Matthew Charles


Director | Visionary | Architect | Human

ID 220135

Juliana Yoon


Founder of fLinked (exclusive social club soon to be online). Worked in business/corporate strategy @anz-banking-group @accenture and @pwc-1.

ID 77971

Ray Hilton

Founder @wirestorm, @hood, @emit • Worked at @sensis, @australia-post, @smesh, @heyday • Studied at @university-college-london, @open-university-london

ID 296885

David Chung

Founder & CEO of etaskr - the task marketplace for enterprise. AngelCube (accelerator) 2013 startup. Enterprise background, KPMG. BCom/LLB.

ID 121393

Phoebe Yu

CEO & Founder of @ettitude. Serial entrepreneur. eCommerce, Digital marketing

ID 192682

Bart Macdonald

Founder Notesy • Worked at @lend-lease • Studied at @macquarie-university

ID 130728

Ben Flavel

Co-founder and CEO at CheckinLine, MBA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), also founded innovation consultancy NeoCogs.

ID 96586

Mat Holroyd

Lead engineer at @the-fetch and web developer experienced in search, virtual currencies, gaming, languages, travel and disruptive technologies. BEng (Software).

ID 127546

David Wei

Founder/MD of @venuemob. Previously started @crowdmass, one of Australia's first group-buying sites and acquired by @groupon in 2011.

ID 149261

Aron Steg

Founder @zaq, @explainers-1, @sms-diagnostics, @bulksms, @sms-central, @sniip, @streetwyse • BEng (Software) from The @university-of-melbourne

ID 489587

Nick Foster

Founder and COO of Cinergix and Creately. Love being independent and an entrepreneur. Always looking to grow and zoom. Master of IT.

ID 101986

Adam Neumann

Founder of @giftless, Co-founder of @indexmedia. Worked at @iris-data-services. 1st Class Honours in Comp Sci from UWA.

ID 95610

Marissa Di Pasquale

[email protected] 3rd major product build and 2nd startup. Strong operational & business background, lawyer & grad scientist. Launched e-procurement venture for a telco during web1.0 days. Ministerial appointment to 2 boards including one in education. Colu

ID 191029

Nicholas Birrell


Entrepreneur & Investor

ID 446866

James McQueen

Founder Atlas Capital • Studied at @melbourne-business-school, @university-of-melbourne

ID 127875

Ryan St. James

Co-founded @visionary-igaming, a live online casino provider, in 2008.

ID 356693

Joel Macdonald


CEO of Liquorun. 3rd start up out of high school. Ex-AFL footballer. Extensive commercial experience in start ups, investment & sales. B.Bus at Monash University

ID 220431

Cinnamon Pollard

Studied at @university-of-sydney, @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 227624

Artur Daylidonis

Founder at Amectronix. BBA. Developed social network & launched iOS games to Top-3. Started first organisation at 13.

ID 122123

Cyril Gaillard

CEO and founder of Fyrebox, former co-founder of Broccol-e-games, founder of Melvia. Studied at INSA, RIT. Worked at ALTRAN, RIT, EADS, GE.

ID 325388

Lucas Taulealeausumai

Founder of @choosly and an innovative innovator.

ID 161898

Lachlan Donald

Web technologist, CTO of @99designs, San Francisco.

ID 199290

Phill Deresa

Tech Consultant • Works at @accenture • Studied at @monash-university #teamSaaS

ID 209121

Adam Ellison

Founder @modbot , @lkbk-com • Worked at @general-motors • Studied at @swinburne-university, @rmit-university

ID 120312

Peter Hare

Director at @beanhunter; 1st employee at; Developer.

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder @ediply, MA Grad • @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university. Varied Business background. Globally orientated.

ID 95343

Denver Dale

Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-queensland

ID 144417

Jenny MacKinnon

Writer, Editor, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Founder, Report Machine: Twitter @ReportMachine Swin MEI, UniMelb IP Law, RMIT Journalism

ID 74912

Marc Harrison

CEO and Founder of Listium. Successful fund manager who left to follow the dream of building a startup. A generalist, with a passion for constantly learning.

ID 108367

Alon Tamir

Founder & Director at StudioProper - boutique product design studio

ID 446976

Stuart McGill

Marketer, incl via social media. 3 startups over 20 yrs. Specialised in profit sharing, sustainability, selling, industrial relations. PhD (Econ). Law degree.

ID 33975

Jason Palmer

Project Manager University of NSW Faculty of Engineering Web Project. Founder & CEO @life-s-project

ID 416562

Anthony Curtin

Founder @propdocs, @melbourne-christmas-trees • Worked at @ashurst, @effective-measure-international

ID 381322

Scott Grierson

Founder of AquaTrophic - experience in algae biotech, consulting engineering, research commercialisation and sustainability, with a PhD in biomass processing.

ID 38351

David Mclay

Founder & CEO of @xsrpm Studing Business advertising officially 1 million dollars = 1 share in @xsrpm

ID 122551

Dallas Krueger

Lover of life and successful learner. Businessman, Human Behaviorist, Big Dreamer and avid hack sacker.

ID 220114

Albert Yang

Founder & CEO at JASU

ID 177566

Ilavenil A

Founder @zaq, @Mobileroo, @Delux, @gtext

ID 353037

Celso Prado

COO fanfuel

ID 287509

Alan Dee

Founder @ 2Crates. 15 years IT industry; Masters in Entrepreneurship (Swinburne)

ID 133041

Alexander Haggerty

Entrepreneur with an interest in Product Development, eCommerce and Digital Strategy.

ID 139531

George Radman

Founder cAlert • Worked at @ibm, @telstra @datacom • Studied at @Deakin @Swinburne University of Technology

ID 146097

Tessa Herd Court

CEO & Founder IntelligenceBank. Profitable & Scalable. Exec Team @ Hitwise with successful exit. Springboard Enterprises Alum.

ID 57907

Bryan Eddy

Co Founder, Exective Producer at BoxMedia Network

ID 320532

Kate Dinon


co-founded @pearlPRAUS and @dainesinger. strategy director for @portable

ID 161216

Vaughn Hew

Co-Founder @whogotstuff. Developer (Elec Engineering, Comp Sci, Systems Engineering, Cyber Security). Street photography, Taichi, cooking.

ID 41949

Courtney DeWitt

ID 149227

Andrew Hempel

ID 84175

Michael Pearson

[email protected], founder of BipIO, distributed system specialist with an e-commerce background. I love complex systems and building product.

ID 208831

Chen Wang

Founder foodinger • Worked at @jp-morgan • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 153850

Mark Mansour

Get the Story

ID 165191

David Micallef

Cofounder and Developer of StomachSmart; Studied at @swinburne-university Uni though still learning everyday.

ID 508696

Jordy Catalano

Co-Founder of Wise Guides. Background in Commerce (Entrepreneurship and Innovation).

ID 264210

Lauren Rielly

ID 504901

Mario Moeller

Founder @partystar Function Room Brokerage

ID 213463

Rahul Jhaveri

Founder DiscoverMe - your episodes of talent

ID 356430

Paul Pallaghy

CEO/Founder in|out. Inventor Voice Logistics System 2012 & world's 1st app store 2002. Systems engineer $1M plant roll-outs. Univ of Melbourne PhD.

ID 253696

Jerrold Poh

Cofounder and CTO of @coinjar

ID 43046


Co-founder of Lexim

ID 331317

Simon Underwood

eCommerce & Online specialist

ID 342925

Luciano Devoto

Founder/Ex-Director @pocha-leather (Sold), Customer-centred focus passionate about ideas & businesses.

ID 263558

Ben Richardson

Aerospace Engineer & Entrepreneur

ID 131511

Josh Stuart

Zoop Founder; former Web Team Lead and Web Strategist at Nitro PDF (Melb and San Francisco); Founded and built whilst in University

ID 233363


CEO and Founder of Gouniq. Worked at @betfair UK and Betfair AUS in Marketing and Operations roles. Studied at @University of Victoria in Marketing and IT.

ID 434776

Craig Miller

Founder On The Door • Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 91055

Cameron Rambert

Digital strategy and growth specialist. Agency Marketer working with tier 1 brands for more than 7 years and founder of Melbourne based tech incubator, GENIAUS.

ID 184587

John Ngo

Founder @small-epic. Believes in idealism, entrepreneurship, user experience, Ruby, and the ‘Greater Fool’.

ID 100204

Nicholas Firth-McCoy

ID 299461

Richard Wilson

Founder of MathsPathway. Background in software entrepreneurship, IT and management consulting (LiTMUS Group), joined teaching via Teach for Australia.

ID 109485

Nick Redwood

Entrepreneur taking @seeksolve from inception through design & development to @launch and beyond. Love data & design, form & function and exponential growth.

ID 133733

Thien Nguyen

Co-founder of Goldspades.

ID 400799

Matthias Peitsch

Studied at @monash-university

ID 360640

Greg Furlong

Founder and Director at @channelpace • Extensive business experience. Worked at @ibm, @lenovo, @toshiba in sales and management positions over 25 years.

ID 100809

Ollie Wallis

Sports trader, founding Director of Limehouse (Australia's fastest growing 3D agency) and investor.

ID 133965


Entrepreneur since age 15 and equipped with knowledge well beyond my years. I'm the hungry for success entrepreneur that big businesses should be afraid of.

ID 294432

Julia Hughan

UX/social media/digital strategy. Studied at @monash-university-1, BA (Honours). Previous at @deloitte-digital. E3 eligible.

ID 143196

Scott Burgess

Founder & CEO @continu. Previously, Co-Founder @createone.

ID 424653

Andy Crone

Founder & CXO @yellloh | Strategic Design (Hons) @university-of-otago | UI/UX, Growth, Business Strategy, Beer

ID 103803

Brett Allen

SME Business professional with a successful 20+ years track record of profitable small to medium business ownership

ID 456285

Peter Williams

Founder @localz • Worked at @kpmg, @national-australia-bank

ID 424658

Jon Wellman

Founder & CEO @yellloh • Studied Science (mathematics) @monash-university University • Previous Financial Planner @Plan4Wealth.

ID 426298

Adrian Grayson-Widarsito

CTO and Founder at Yellloh. Science and Aerospace Engineering, programmer, nerd.

ID 308579

Nathan Oliver

Director | Leader | Banker | Human

ID 425809

Jeff Paine

Founder ShutterClass • Works at @pwc-1 • Pro photographer, cinematographer and compulsive problem solver

ID 419397

Brad Moore

Worked at @moodswing • Studied at @la-trobe-university

ID 427373

Oliver Owens

I build things. Sometimes they don't break.

ID 220541

Brian Reaves

With 10+ yrs of digital & software experience, Brian prides himself in product ideation, offering a wide range of disciplines from a mosaic of former positions.

ID 423401

Pan Demosthenous

Technologist, product creator, ex-BSkyB mobile and interactive

ID 488140

Vuong Ngo

Student & Passionate entrepreneur building trustworthy environment that brings Joy and Satisfaction through collaboration on realizing great idea.

ID 493406

Reuben So

Bootstrap Entrepreneur and Professional Product Manager. Strong diverse background in both Business Strategy and Software Engineering.

ID 63621

Bruno Partridge

Founder & CEO of @reach: Whats your poison?.

ID 441676

William Nuyen

Developer, Designer, Business Man

ID 427321

Shane Bardsley

Owner/Organiser of Central Sun Trance Festival 2013, Melbourne, Australia

ID 194806

Simon Hoeksma

Founder of babiinet. Entrepreneur and stay at home dad with a strong finance background.

ID 313202

Leigh Sherman

Founded @tiip • Work at @telstra-australia • Studied at @university-of-ballarat

ID 290042

Moira Dempsey

Studied at International Learning Centres. Sole Proprietor, Kinesiology Instructor/Consultant. Senior instructor RMT International.

ID 449310

Rami Jarrar

Founder @grout-2. Experience building web & mobile applications.

ID 502720

Lenny Tjoe

Founder of Wink & Winn. Living and working in China for the past 10 years.

ID 38255

Daniel Kirkland

nonprofit management, business startups, and developing solution of integrating the whole person with ecological sustainability and organic living.

ID 178395

Zuhair Naqvi

ID 102000

Ash Nilkanth

Founder of @hatchvid. Entrepreneur, programmer, realist, industry veteran, MIS.

ID 107461

Dallas Mayne

Founder @windsale-marketing, @fossil-energy, @Mayne Tank Rentals

ID 107976

Jake Lawton

ID 175598

Andrew Cunningham

Founder and CEO at Zarfo People Communities. Working with beta members from over 100 countries around the world is both exciting and challenging!

ID 278077

Lucretia de Jong

Founder WizeOwl, successfully developed and brought to market media technologies contracted internationally by McDonalds, 7eleven. Innovator of media marketing solutions, philanthropy and social responsibility.

ID 308163

Zia Word

Full Stack marketer & generalist

ID 415760

Julian Cassin

Founder RapidFMS. Please visit me at Linked In.

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