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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Melbourne.

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ID 68177

David Ng

Co-Founder of @openlabel • iOS/Android Dev at @tomtom-international • ASIC Design Engineer at @canon.

ID 127068

Daniel Treacy

Co-founder of Good Call • Engineering at @wpp-group, @buzznumbers, and MLC (NAB) • Studied CompSci at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 57029

Ivan Vanderbyl

CTO @app-io. Founded @crashlog & @testpilot • Worked at @orionvm

ID 65687

Chris Rickard

Co-founder, thinker, & hacker at Setkick. Previously tech lead at @portable, speaker & judge at Hong Kong mobile film festival 2011.

ID 425708

Andrew McIntosh

UI Developer @promisepay. Builds exciting products with strong outcomes. Start-up skill-set covering design, development & business. Bachelor of IT.

ID 235029

Wenpo Sun

Professional software engineer, artist and musician. Strong experience in game design, development and enterprise software. B.IT(Games & Graphics Programming)

ID 111757

Andrew Armstrong

Founder @121cast | Experienced Software and Web Developer (mobile, front/back-end, servers), different, passionate, driven | Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 11657

Michael Shimmins

Founder and CEO of @lexim.

ID 28889

Tom Howard

Co-founder, @adioso. Product-designer, recruiter, hacker, writer, traveller.

ID 75927

Riley James

Rails & BizNiz. Currently API guy @xero

ID 196542

Brian Tubergen


Venture Hacker @angellist. @princeton-university CS. Interned @facebook, @microsoft, Google Summer of Code.

ID 145011

Edward Dowling

Founder & CEO @app-io. Always creating awesome products and teams that are never boring and always exciting.

ID 144584

Ryan Zhou


Co-founder of CoinJar. Founder of NameTerrific. Casual investor.

ID 202711

Jie Zhou

Front-end engineer @kinnek • Former tech attorney @fenwick-and-west with a penchant for coding • Studied at @yale-university, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 239384

Peter Murray

CTO and co-founder of; former Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks

ID 59498

Glen Maddern

Founder of @goodfilms. Data-crunching, high-scaling background. Film-lover.

ID 100695

John Barton

Co-founded @goodfilms, former Dev Manager responsible for all @envato marketplaces.

ID 234224

Ashley Davies

Founder/CEO of Tablo, writer, designer, front end developer.

ID 49674

Vincent Brendel

Developer at @bugherd

ID 94332

Kath S

Developer at @lexim.

ID 85568

Fenn Bailey

Co-founder & architect of @adioso. Hacker. Traveler.

ID 186479

Mark Angrish

Founder of @innerloop • Ex low latency algorithmic trading engineer (@deutsche-bank, @morgan-stanley, etc.) • Software Engineer (@university-of-melbourne-1)

ID 57299

James Giang

Co-founder at @venuemob and Lead Organiser at the @android-australia-user-group

ID 139796

Caine Wanjau

Co-founder of FlashCast. Founder member of the *iHub_ Robotics Initiative, worked in Banking, studied at Strathmore University and Monash University

ID 431041

Doron Katz

Lead iOS | Web Developer @TheMediaArchitects, @UOW bInternet Science & Technology 2004, @CSU Master of Management, 2013, Gadget lover

ID 35480

Fred Wu

Development team lead at @locomote - Ruby, Rails, PHP, strong focus on UI and UX. A developer & designer hybrid.

ID 77971

Ray Hilton

Founder @wirestorm, @hood, @emit • Worked at @sensis, @australia-post, @smesh, @heyday • Studied at @university-college-london, @open-university-london

ID 101986

Adam Neumann

Founder of @giftless, Co-founder of @indexmedia. Worked at @iris-data-services. 1st Class Honours in Comp Sci from UWA.

ID 454855

Dan Harper

Digital product leader and strategist. Currently helping @promisepay build their first product.

ID 396944

Jesse Collis

Tech Lead at, iOS Developer @beanhunter and Sessional Lecturer at RMIT University

ID 321770

Ben Chan

CTO and co-founder Bigcolors • Worked at @eds, @capgemini-consulting

ID 231117

Kevin Tatur

Research Physicist / Applied Physicist Excellent mathematical modeling skills and physics knowledge, working on advanced research projects in research centers and institutions. Major projects include the design and modeling of novel nanoscale devices and

ID 65266

João Valente

Founder & CTO @outtrippin. Previously Tech-Lead at and Project Manager / Information Architect at Bridging the gap between computers and people.

ID 161898

Lachlan Donald

Web technologist, CTO of @99designs, San Francisco.

ID 495137

Keith Pitt

Founder, Buildbox • Worked at @pin-payments, @the-frontier-group @desks-near-me-1

ID 96586

Mat Holroyd

Lead engineer at @the-fetch and web developer experienced in search, virtual currencies, gaming, languages, travel and disruptive technologies. BEng (Software).

ID 128166

Bao-Minh Tran-Vo

Passionate about sports and technology. Founder of @c8apps-1.

ID 125310

Matt Devlin

Founder noWorriesHire; Started first Civil Construction Company 3 years ago. B.E. Civil Engineer. Strong industry background, 15 years plus.

ID 397622


Co-founder Hello Code, freelance developer, built • Studied at @rmit-university

ID 120312

Peter Hare

Director at @beanhunter; 1st employee at; Developer.

ID 218708

Nick Jones

I edit text files to make computers do what I want

ID 110857

Luke Murray

Strong technical background, having built and supported many large projects. Great product mind and business background working with small, growing companies.

ID 286060

Patrick Smith

Founder InfinityList – primary web designer and developer.

ID 434776

Craig Miller

Founder On The Door • Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 249277

John Uiterwyk

10+ years software dev experience. Successfully delivered more than 20 software products. Deep understanding of wide range of languages and technologies.

ID 161216

Vaughn Hew

Co-Founder @whogotstuff. Developer (Elec Engineering, Comp Sci, Systems Engineering, Cyber Security). Street photography, Taichi, cooking.

ID 254939

James Cole

PHP + CodeIgniter Developer. Lead Dev and part owner of Geotoko which was acquired by Hootsuite in 2011. Currently at InOutPut in Melbourne Australia.

ID 184587

John Ngo

Founder @small-epic. Believes in idealism, entrepreneurship, user experience, Ruby, and the ‘Greater Fool’.

ID 425765

Pawel Siedlak

Wroclaw University of Technology CS. Moved to Melbourne 2 years ago. Working as a software engineer at @papercloud.

ID 253696

Jerrold Poh

Cofounder and CTO of @coinjar

ID 199675

Anirudh Joshi

Studies at @university-of-melbourne

ID 121000

Thomas Shaw

recruitment technology & online classifieds

ID 177566

Ilavenil A

Founder @zaq, @Mobileroo, @Delux, @gtext

ID 380403

Francis Go

Partner of Appdorable; Product at Pop Mimic; Business Graduate Student at AGSM.

ID 165191

David Micallef

Cofounder and Developer of StomachSmart; Studied at @swinburne-university Uni though still learning everyday.

ID 126596

Nick Byrne

Founder of, heading to in May and looking for some awesome Ruby workplaces to join

ID 299461

Richard Wilson

Founder of MathsPathway. Background in software entrepreneurship, IT and management consulting (LiTMUS Group), joined teaching via Teach for Australia.

ID 252742

Jose Mendez

tech junkie. @melbourne

ID 41602

Robin Vessey

Founder @redgum-technologies Founder @advanced-publishing-systems Venture Developer, BAppSci(CSSE)

ID 102211

sachit malhotra

ID 213463

Rahul Jhaveri

Founder DiscoverMe - your episodes of talent

ID 84175

Michael Pearson

[email protected], founder of BipIO, distributed system specialist with an e-commerce background. I love complex systems and building product.

ID 131511

Josh Stuart

Zoop Founder; former Web Team Lead and Web Strategist at Nitro PDF (Melb and San Francisco); Founded and built whilst in University

ID 376955

Charles Korn

Monash BEng / BSci with a interest in business, robotics and software.

ID 365571

Andrew Nolan

Computer Vision Software Engineer, worked on Medical Device and UAVs development

ID 383609

Brian (Yeong Hoon) Kim

ID 168026


Developer with previous experience in java, ruby and now focussing primarily on iOS. 4 years corporate Agile experience, never worked at a startup.

ID 216835

Lyn Nagara

Web developer.,,

ID 419234

Wil Pringle

Studied at RMIT, Full-stack jack of all trades, JS, Python, PHP, Java.

ID 392850

Shane O'Grady

UI Developer, AngularJS, RoR. Into startups & innovation. Worked for Accenture.

ID 268167

Andrew King

Back-end builder

ID 169068

Minh Nam Ngo

Studied at @monash-university

ID 499287

Adam Chrimes

Postdoc at RMIT, focus on nanotech-biosensors; Strong research and development background.

ID 163133

Jia Rong

Founder TULIP Research Lab • Worked at @mibt & @deakin-university • PhD candidate @ @deakin-university

ID 279129

Grant Simonds

Founder MComms TV • Worked at @ericsson, @telstra

ID 325616

Harsain Singh


ID 219786

Fraser Perkins

Software engineer currently working with the .NET (C#) and monotouch on a variety of applications large and small. Loves Web/Mobile. See LinkedIn below.

ID 426298

Adrian Grayson-Widarsito

CTO and Founder at Yellloh. Science and Aerospace Engineering, programmer, nerd.

ID 423401

Pan Demosthenous

Technologist, product creator, ex-BSkyB mobile and interactive

ID 132820

Yannis Kolovos

Ruby On Rails Developer

ID 497591

Jasvir Singh Cheema

Full stack developer and aspiring designer

ID 427373

Oliver Owens

I build things. Sometimes they don't break.

ID 109953

Christian Fagan

Web Design expert with a history of producing high quality digital products for large organisations in Australia.

ID 338624

Thomas Brophy

Co-founder @tiip. Software developer with diverse background - games, optimisation, mobile, BCS (Hons), M. Comp. Sci. (Melb).

ID 338477


Master in Computer sciences, worked at IBM, developed code in TSQL, VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, Javascript etc

ID 419397

Brad Moore

Worked at @moodswing • Studied at @la-trobe-university

ID 392925

Bob Danani

High Performance Computing specialist (Software Engineer), top scholar, M.Sc in Computer Science, work at IBM Research Australia

ID 408292

Jonte de Zwart

16 year old internet entrepreneur.

ID 395433

Reza Yousefzadeh

Senior Java Developer in Australia

ID 418558

Adrian Kennedy

Full Stack Engineer. Former Artificial Intelligence Patent Examiner. Currency Trader. Computer Science and Mathematics BS.

ID 456285

Peter Williams

Founder @localz • Worked at @kpmg, @national-australia-bank

ID 295267

Kjdz Le

Phantom Web Developers for Businesses.

ID 319615

Mark Smithers

Highly experienced strategist, thinker, innovator and developer specializing in higher education technology.

ID 287099

Gursharan Singh

launched 2 android play store apps, made successful java applets for companies, some experience with matlab, quick learner, master of IT student at uni of melb

ID 343624

Simon Wang

Worked at a Google Company - Motorola Mobility. Expert in IT system support for business separation and acquisition.

ID 439070

Bradley Curran

Mixes computers with science. A focus on mobile platforms.

ID 314208

Anmoldeep Gill

Developed php css html and mysql website for my final project using Object Oriented Technique

ID 250184

Alfie John

Perl Developer at FastMail.FM

ID 444145

Yaser Jarrar

Passionate developer add designer; Building mobile and web apps for 2 years now, co-founder of Grout.

ID 87641

Sam Cambridge

Ruby on Rails developer, love startups. Currently travelling Australia. Worked at @loggable, @green-gorilla-apps

ID 49264

Stephen McDonald

Founder @kouio

ID 402142

Sebastian Vetter

Worked at @tangentlabs, @university-of-koblenz-1 • Studied at @university-of-koblenz

ID 306261

Shanila Ashraff

MSc Software Engineering @university of york, founder of tech startup, front-end developer, won 2nd place in HCI competition

ID 464550

Omar Gameel

enthusiastic developer with many contributions to to OSS

ID 178395

Zuhair Naqvi

ID 297354

Kim Holland

ID 332077

Max Gershkovich

Developer specializing in C#, VB.NET, WCF, Android, Azure and just about everything else Microsoft related. Currently working in my secret bunker on my own startup.

ID 481968

Suiping Lu

Co-founder of Box Royale Melbourne; IT Master Degree; Ruby on Rails Developer.

ID 274408

Julien Viard

Technology focused recruitment consultant - working with innovation teams in large corporates, startups and product oriented agencies.

ID 228031

Adam J Shaw

Experienced Project and Construction consultant specialist in supporting Financiers. Aid for any cost, risk and business case advisory work.

ID 274236

Tyce Clee

Frontend Dev, currently freelance + contract. Worked with AusPost, IBM, Tweaky, Adioso

ID 426372

Steve Papas

Senior Developer at Yellloh

ID 127598

Egor Pavlikhin

CEO at @bestla

ID 339183

Jordan Walsh

General IT Specialst, BA & Product Manager. Competent in everything from coding complex regex to writing new customer engagement methodologies.

ID 387326



ID 300864

Edouard Mainier

I am an experienced web developer. Thanks to a web application developer degree and some great experiences, I developed a wide range of technical skills.

ID 72771

Christopher Hawkins

Analyst at @accenture and Co-founder of TGT Studios

ID 449310

Rami Jarrar

Founder @grout-2. Experience building web & mobile applications.

ID 426533

James Stackhouse

I'm a designer, coder and maker. I combine a deep knowledge of the digital platforms I work on with multiple visual design disciplines.

ID 83678

rifki fauzi

Freelance Ruby on rails developer. worked at Domikado, Kiranatama

ID 124871

Harley Alexander

I'm a front-end/product Designer & Developer that works closely with WordPress. I also do Branding, graphic & identity design.

ID 306729

Matt Delves

Developer, Operations guy, grumpy when code doesn't pass automated tests.

ID 264880

Harpreet Atwal

IIT Guwahati - ECE, expert embedded software engineer

ID 102000

Ash Nilkanth

Founder of @hatchvid. Entrepreneur, programmer, realist, industry veteran, MIS.

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